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  1. Carrie Lindeman says:

    I was wondering if you’re accepting speaker applications for the 2016 conference? Thank you.


  2. Elaine Ambrose says:

    My publishing company Mill Park Publishing will premiere an anthology of midlife writers in April 2016. Many of the authors will be attending BAM. Could I buy sponsor time to have a book signing event for the writers to sell and autograph books?

  3. Sheila D. says:

    The “contact us” form is not working so I will ask my question here.

    Several friends of mine are talking about attending this conference. However, when I look at the website, there’s not much information about the types of sessions that will be offered. What sorts of topics do you cover? I see that the schedule is 9-3 but that’s the only information I can find. This will be my first blog conference. I like to do my research so I know what I can expect. Thanks!

  4. Susan Stewart says:

    What are your personal sponsorship policies?

  5. Sharlyn says:

    Your Contact button doesn’t work. I’m looking for a real schedule of times for each day so I can plan my trip. The current schedule you have listed only shows for the 15th, but no times, even though I hit the “All” button. Also, are there any evening events?

    • bamconadmin says:

      Hi Sharlyn – thanks for letting me know about the contact button. I’ve fixed the issue. They are currently slotting all of the sessions, but the sessions will run from 9am Friday till 4pm Saturday. They are working on an event for Friday night and the full schedule should be set mid-march!

  6. Deborah Rath says:

    Any upcoming conferences? I missed this one.