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Deborah Kelly is a public relations manager for Boiron USA, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in the world and a leader in the industry. Deborah initiated the social media marketing presence for Boiron in 2009, including the launch of the company blog and social sites, and coordinating strategic partnerships with Holistic Moms Network, National Center for Homeopathy, and Rodale Institute as well as multi-platform campaigns with top mom and blogger networks.

Deborah previously worked in government and non-profits including community relations for the state of Delaware, fundraising and marketing for local disability groups, and estate planning at Princeton University. She began her career as a health and education reporter and copy editor for a daily newspaper in North Carolina.

In her free time, this self-proclaimed social media enthusiast has served as a life-skills trainer for persons with disabilities and advocates for a healthy lifestyle and green living.

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