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Tammy Bleck has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1976, with more than 6 start-ups to her credit. A distinguished speaker, Tammy is a seasoned professional in the field of monetizing social media, blogs, and speaking venues to build business and generate income.

An established authority on how blogs and Social Media can build your business, create your brand, and find your tribe, she has toured, spoken, taught, counseled and conducted many a workshop over the past 30 years.

In addition to being a notable speaker, she is an accomplished writer, columnist, Huffington Post and Jewish Journal contributor, ghostwriter, blogger, and author of the book Single Past 50 Now What? and the award winning blog, Witty Woman Writing.

A recipient of the Certificate of Commendation from the Mayor of Los Angeles for her work in educating the public, Tammy Bleck has dedicated herself to sharing what she knows to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and speakers use what they have to build successful income producing companies.

You can contact Tammy at [email protected] and enjoy her blog at www.WittyWomanWriting.com/blog/

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